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Crescendo - The Omni Data Source Tool  v.1.0

Crescendo is a web application tool to access data from different data sources like databases, spreadsheets, xml, flat files which are in tabular format. It is basically an unifying interface for all data sources.

SWORD  v.3.9

SWORD 3.9 is designed as a useful personnel dispatched or routed on service calls. The application is compatible with Quickbooks Customer, Items, and Employee files. QuickBooks Customer and Items files can be imported into SWORD.It allows the

Better Extension for RPM  v.0.0.1

"Better Extension for RPM" is a buildroot installation tool compatible with YUM written in C. It is fast and system resources friendly. The main audience are users, developers or administrators of Red Hat/Fedora Core Linux operating

XFRT Real-Time Ray Tracer  v.1.0

With Ingo Wald's permission, XFRT has been created to provide a free (LGPL), high-performance library that is application source-compatible with the OpenRT api .

BioMAJ  v.1.0

BioMAJ (BIOlogie Mises A Jour) is a workflow engine dedicated to data synchronization and processing. It automates the data mioring process.Developed in Java and Ant, the application is compatible with various Unix-based systems.

JavaScript Doclet  v.1.0

Project aimed to offer a JavaScript documentation tool compatible with JavaDoc syntax and format.

Locdic  v.0.2.2

Locdic is a dictionary application / tool.

PAD Information Extraction Utility  v.3.1.6

Web PAD XML information extractor tool saves retrieved data in .

JLokalize  v.1.1

Open source tool for the internationalization (i18n) of Java applications. Editor for key, value pairs for language resources. Additionally allows to define comments and has a reverse and spell checking function. Also gathers statistics about

Convert TXT To PDF  v.1.0

TXT To PDF converter is an advanced and highly optimized tool developed to create pdf document from text file format easily. Convert TXT To PDF with TXT2PDF converter with very much of ease and save the converted file at user define location. Txt To

RealWorld Change Cursor  v.2.0

Tired of opening the mouse control panel when you want to test your new cursors?

Ad-Aware 2008 Free  v.

Protect yourself against identity theft,online fraud, and other cyber crimeswith the worlds most popular anti-spyware Ad-Aware 2008 Free is available for personal home use only. Commercial use is prohibited. The features: Improved Threat Detection

Magic Calendar Maker  v.3.3

Magic Calendar Maker is a very easy-to-use utility for creating and printing calendars for one month. The user only has to select the month and year for which he or she wants the calendar. The starting day of a week can also be chosen (Sunday or

Synctocloud  v.1.0

This site dedicated to host synctocloud source code (only). There are no downloadable releases... If you are synctocloud enduser, please check official synctocloud webpage: SyncToCloud is the delivery of free ...

Notepad Scripting Editor  v.5008

Used for editing VBscript and PowerShell script files (or any of the common text files) in Notepad, it will sort all the files in the working directory to named extension tabs.

Microsoft Web Application Stress Tool  v.1.1

Microsoft Web Application Stress is a simulation tool that is designed to realistically reproduce multiple browsers requesting pages from a web application. It was developed by web testers. We have made the tool as easy to use as possible by masking

An i18n tool for java web application  v.1.0

The i18n for data (i18n4data) is an i18n tool for java web application, which makes an existing web site to support multi languages easily. It supports not only for interface message, but also for user's data, such as product

Tool for Elephant Application Developers  v.1.0

Tool for Elephant Application Developers (TEAD) is a GUI front-end to the PostgreSQL RDBMS. TEAD, written in Python and using pygtk.This application is no longer being developed.

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